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How do you get into flow in your relationship?

I saw myself engulfed in a huge fist, and it was hard to breathe. The only loose part of me in this powerful meditative visualization was my arm, outstretched, clutching onto money so tightly. I strangled the money just as hard as the fist strangled me. With little air, I surrendered and asked, “How do I stop you from squeezing me? How do I transform you? Instantly I received a low, calm voice spoken so clearly in my heart and I knew it was God. “Let go.” Ironically I had more fear letting go of the money than I did of being squeezed, as if the money in my hand was source. But I did.

I tell you this story because I see so many women, including my clients do the same thing with love.

Instantly, the chest pressure disappeared. The big fist let go of its grip to hold me up in its palm and the dollar bills floated around me. I vowed to be hyper aware of opening my heart and letting go of strangling money from that point forward. The money in my possession is not my Source and as long as I keep holding on to it out of fear that it will leave, abandon, destroy or never come back is the degree that the Universe did the same to me. No more.

Money and love are both powerful energies. I have money, but I was cutting the flow. You may have a partner or husband, but if you worry, fear, resent, regret, suffocate, demand or want to control or change him, you’re cutting the flow. If you worry hold on so tight to who you want him to be, you're cutting the flow. If you're angry that he isn't doing enough so you remind him every day, you're cutting the flow. If you resent him for not being more supportive, you're cutting the flow.

Now, I'm NOT saying there isn't work to do, things to learn, skills to practice and dynamics to transform. What I am saying is, in order for you to be in the supported, Queenly relationship that you so desire, first you have to ease your grip on him. Ease your grip on the relationship. Ease your grip on his time, actions, feelings, words, intentions or lack thereof.

You can’t be in flow if you’re cutting it. What you do to your partner is what you will create for yourself. All I had to do was let go for more to flow around me, and if you want more love, understanding, joy, support and commitment in your life, that’s all you have to do too.

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