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Return Your Light

Everything is a cycle. Everything in nature is in movement. Rises and falls. Speeds up and slows down. Begins and ends.

For me, being an intuitive empath and being in tune with nature, the WInter Solstice is my true celebration of new beginnings. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid-ul-adha or Bohdi, there's a reason there are so many holidays this time of year. It's a celebration of light. renewal, possibility and truth.

This is the beginning of each day getting a tiny bit longer, and though we don't notice a change at first, eventually we find ourselves enjoying the light that we didn't have before.

Your growth is the same. Though it may look dark now, with little steps of progress each and every day, you will soon wake up and realize that you're basking in the light that previously wasn't there. Trust that your light is coming. Know that you have what it takes and believe that you'll be as bright as you can imagine soon with little baby steps every day.

So use this holiday week, month and season as a time for reflecting on the birth of your brightness and each day when you keep showing up, (just like the sun, just like God, just like source) you shine a little bit more.

Bask in the love around you, the reflecting of closing out this year and beginning the next, and shine on.

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