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Her Universe

There once was a little girl so full of life. So brilliant that her energy couldn’t be contained. Like a supernova she burst with color. An explosion of gifts to share with the world and a vastness of possible creation before her because of it. Yet, her Universe was barren, and not understanding of such radiance.

Her Universe actively worked hard to squelch the expansive color. To put out the the brilliant combinations of elements ready to transform time and space. Not that it was mean or bad, it just was a place for quiet. Calm. Orderly and clean. It was a place that clung to everything staying in line, doing what it was supposed to do. Going in circles and shining only so bright. But not brighter.

Her Universe thought it gave her everything. It worked hard to give her the space to be, do and grow into a star just like all the other stars because standing out wasn’t good. It would call attention. It would cause noise and maybe even some destruction. But to her, her Universe didn’t see her. Didn’t acknowledge all that she had the potential to be. She didn’t feel acknowledged, so though everything looked safe and all good, it was actually hostile and oppressing.

So though the brilliance was there and openly shined in her youth, the more her Universe squelched her light and dimmed her sparkle out of fear of her shining TOO much, she began to dim it herself. The energy of the bursting supernova dimmed too until only shining a little became normal.

Except, energy that big can’t be put out. It can be buried, even ignored. But deep down it still stirs. Deep down that explosion of energy, new life and intensity still awaits dormant for the day it can actively show up and make it’s presence that turns heads millions of light years away.

Only she gets to decide when that day will come.

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