Work with Lynn.

You've got some options.  Please see below on the different ways to work with me.

Divine Attraction

Group Coaching

6-weeks of transformation.
10 spiritual, like-minded & like-hearted women

Week 1:  Deep desires

Week 2:  Masculine/feminine energies,  broadcast signal & the masculine  perspective

Week 3: Shadow work & raising self worth

Week 4:  Cultivating an empowered knowing

Week 5:  Setting energetic & verbal boundaries

Week 6:  Divine receiving


Begins July 31


Breakthrough Session

Do you desire to call in true love?

Do you want to get out of a toxic relationship?

Are you committed to transforming your habit of attracting the wrong men?


Are you tired of dating around but afraid your true love won't show up?

Is the pain of your past relationships so consuming that you aren't willing to go through that again?

What if all of this could transform overnight?

Private Love Coaching

Divine Love

Do you know that you desire private coaching to transform your love story?

Are you committed to investing in yourself in order to eradicate the toxic patterns?

Are you ready for a whole new life experience when it comes to relationship and will do WHATEVER IT TAKES?

Yes? Then let's talk. Sign up for a free Discovery Session to look at options and build an individualized plan that will get you to your love goals pronto.