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Let it Die

It doesn't matter who you were. When you step into being you fully and unapologetically, you shine. That's it. You don't owe anyone an explanation. It's your process. It's your journey and chances are, nobody will understand it anyway. They all want you to be who you've always been. It's comfortable that way. If you're committed to grow, just grow and leave everyone else out of it.

All the tears. All the fears. All the unspoken truths when you self-abandoned and silently suffered as a result. It cumulatively made you who you are today, yes. That's a fact, but what's also a fact is that it's gone. It's over.

All you have is right here, right now. This day.

All you have is the power to make a different choice today.

You have the power to take that false identity that's been running your life and allow it to die. Death is painful, so don't make yourself wrong for it. I could just say release, let go or transform, but let's be real. Getting stuck energy that kept you playing small for decades on end actually hurts, and that's OK.

Let it die. Don't force it. Don't push. Just be open to the process of transformation, because in every new growth, something has to go. In order to make space for something new, something old must perish, and that's the good news.

This is the first week of the new year, and though the masculine calendar only has energy because we give it energy, if it works for you, use it. Use the freshness of the new calendar year to spur you into great things, your highest potential for where you are right now and will be in 360 more days.

You want a better relationship with money, let broke you die.

You want a better relationship with time, let late you die.

You want a better relationship with source, let disconnected and egocentric you die.

You want a better relationship with your kids or partner, let proud and right you die.

...meaning, feel what needs to be felt and dissociate with whatever kept you broke, late, disconnected, egocentric proud and right.

Let it die.

From THAT place, you'll find freedom.

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