Divine Love Transformaation

90-Day Private Coaching

Hey love, 
Do you feel like whatever you do, you just can't figure this LOVE thing out? It hurts so much, and all you want is someone emotionally available to love you.  All you want is your soulmate... but, you've tried everything.  

I'm here for you. I've been there and know how it feels, but the difference is I KNOW that with some awarenesses, breakthroughs, releasing of old energy, transforming of beliefs and unconscious behaviors, you can and WILL attract the love of your life.

No more meaningless dates. No more chasing someone you don't really want just because you're afraid there's nothing better out there.  I mean you just do you and your man will find you.

We will have 12 private sessions together. We map out your 3-month goals and desires, and each week we get closer by diving deep together.  I see the big picture. I tap into my intuition and allow channeled wisdom to flow through.  I ask hard questions and hold space when you cry....because if you're committed to going to the core, you will cry. 

By the end of the package, you'll:

<3  Discover your deepest relationship desires and get crystal clear on your relationship vision.
<3  Reconnect with your divine feminine power

<3 Become invisible to emotionally unavailable men and completely visible to only the right man.

<3 Transform toxic relationship patterns to start off with a secure attachment.

<3 Set loving and healthy boundaries that get you out of feeling like you're alone, defeated and that everything depends on you.

<3 Possibly already be in that relationship where he adores you and wants you. 

<3 Speak your truth. You'll be able to express what's truly on your heart. You'll know how to handle, approach and process difficult conversations with grace.

<3 Understand him. You'll just get him and why he says, thinks and feels what he does.

<3 Know what to say that doesn't drive him away but brings him closer. You'll have the tools and skills to have a mutually respectful conversation, even if it's a hard one to have.

Join me in the journey of your lifetime.  Even the mere act of investing in yourself is a statement to the Universe that you're committed, and miracles start happening. I've seen it countless times.

Ask yourself....if anything were possible in the next 3 months, what to I truly desire?
Because guess what?  It is.


12 Transformative Sessions:
$1800 pay in full 

$650 x 3 months

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