Goddess Love

12-week program
Begins September 5, 2022

Love through your highest empowered feminine.

Own Your Inner Goddess
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"The goddess was never lost. 

It's just that some of us forgot how to find her."

-Patricia Monaghan


  • The Goddess is loved, admired and revered.

  • She is the most disconnected archetype.

  • We’ve been programmed to deny her, oppress her and believe we aren’t worthy of her.

  • We were taught to suppress our wildest and truest femininity to fit into roles that are not aligned with who we really are.

  • Yet, the truth is that the Goddess energy is a powerful and naturally resides within you.

I know you're ready because you're here. Ready to reclaim your most empowered, surrendered and connected expression of who you are. You’re ready to feel fully expressed, untethered and whole. 


You have been desiring to embody her.




Are you hesitant?


I get it. 


But, what happens when you disown your divinity?


You know you’re not allowing your inner Goddess to live in love when you:


  • Feel disempowered in your relationships

  • Squelch your authentic voice

  • Feel guilt and shame around who you really are

  • Don't feel magnetic to men

  • Feel guilt and shame around your sexuality

  • Feel you always have to be a good girl

  • Feel disconnected from your body

  • Can't communicate your needs without guilt

  • Have to work so hard to manifest what you truly desire

You finally feel ready and committed to feel fully expressed confident and flowing, and know the way there is through your Goddess consciousness. 


Through your divine feminine. 


On this 2 month journey you will embrace, awaken, deepen and enhance your inner Goddess.

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This program is unlike any other “embrace your feminine” program. It’s deep and personal transformation and a sisterhood of women taking these risks along with you.


I am your Goddess Teacher.


On the surface it might look like I’ve always been healed in my feminine Goddess energy. But... nope.


I had a strict religious upbringing that disowned everything innately feminine within me, and a dad that (bless him) couldn't hold space for my strong sensitivity, intuition, big feelings and in his own protection, always made them wrong.


Even after I healed enough in my self worth and self love to attract my beloved, there was a HUGE piece of myself that I made wrong.

My sensuality. My deep and ancient wisdom.  Connection with my body.

Until nearly two decades into my marriage, I felt guilt and shame about taking time and space for me. I resisted feeling pleasure and stifled my voice to protect others.

Yet, I LONGED to be a Goddess...Even though I dressed like one for my wedding and embodied her essence for the day, there was much healing, releasing and transforming I needed to do first.  

My husband loved me very much but he gradually dimmed his own masculinity to match my own blocked femininity.

After doing years of coaching, inner work and releasing of past wounding, 2020 hit. My big awakening was in the area of my deep inner wild woman. 

I embarked on feminine practices with energy healing, took risks with my own sensual energy and sexual openness with my husband that I felt so cut off from before.


Was it scary? Yes, but each time I released something and tried something new I felt a liberation in my body that I never thought existed before.

The more I got to know my inner Goddess, the more his internal and external masculine essence shined through.


This is the recipe for passion.


Our true power as women comes from embodying our inner Goddess.


We’ve been taught that being a woman requires dimming your light, but in fact it’s ONLY when you shine all of your Divine Feminine truth brightly that you are able to experience the depth of pleasure in life.


I’ve taken everything that I have learned and overcome, and put it into this program to give you the keys to your truth, radiance and inner Goddess nature.


This program is the spiritual woman’s guide to embodying your wholistic divine feminine so you can call in the love of your life.


Love notes from my clients:

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Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 5.01.41 AM.png

What's Included


  • A 3-month sacred and profound container to grow, transform and become the greatest expression of your feminine self.

  • 12 reflective modules to guide you through healing, embracing, activating and embodying your deep feminine.

  • 12 live Q&A coaching calls to learn and grow together.  

  • A high vibrational sisterhood to be supported, witnessed and nourished by each other.

  • 3 months of feminine practices and tools such as embodiment and meditations. The practices combine ancient feminine wisdom with new discoveries on how to grow into your fullest expression.

  •  An online private community to receive continuous support from me and your sisters.

Goddess Love

Payment Plan

$333 x 3

Goddess Love

Pay in full


When you complete this journey of Goddess Love, you will feel a liberated, fully expressed, whole and divinely loved version of you that you've possibly never experienced.


Your inner Goddess will become your new normal. This will allow you to be in truth about your desires, be connected to your body and your pleasure, trust and be guided by your intuition and fully experience pleasure without apology or shame.


Embodying your Goddess is the portal to living a life of true love. You remember your natural wild woman within, claim your desires unapologetically, know you’re worthy of receiving them and feel supported and adored. You are able to relax knowing that you’re safe and secure in your body and in love.

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F A Q:

When does the program begin?
We start our first call on Monday September 5 at 4:00 pm PDT/7:00 pm EDT.

What if I can't make all of the live Q&A calls?
Each call will be recorded and you will have full lifetime access to the content.  You can also let me know ahead of time if you can't make it and send me your question. I will answer it on the call for you. 

Is this for single women only?
Every woman counts here. Whether you are in a relationship or not, the same principles apply to "calling him in" to you.  

What if I can't commit to all the time involved?
You can do the program as it fits you best. All of the exercises and practices are designed to fit into your life easily. This program is meant to support you in your transformation and your growth.  

Why is it so affordable? 
This group program brings together the work I've been doing for clients for the last 7 years, as well as my lifetime of experience, teaching and learning.  Private coaching with me is $3,000 over 4 months of individualized support and mentorship. When we learn and transform in an intimate community, the coaching is financially
accessible to more people. 

Goddess Love

Payment Plan

$333 x 3

Goddess Love

Pay in full