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New Year's Intentions

When you use the masculine structure of our calendar as a reminder that it's time to reset, you allow yourself to go through the feminine cycle you're meant to. Masculine supports the feminine. The celebration of the New Year (though astronomically it's 10 days late because the sun resets the new year on winter solstice) is a time for new beginnings. New birth. New possibility.

This doesn't mean that you have to throw out the old, because you are who you are because of where you've been. You are here because of everything, good and bad that happened in 2017, and every year prior. That said, I don't encourage making RESOLUTIONS. You don't have to FIX anything. You are so beautiful and pure, and rather than looking back with an energy of regret (like you have RESOLVE something), look back in gratitude and forward with intention. What do you INTEND to create in 2018? Who do you INTEND to become? What do you INTEND to achieve and how to you INTEND to achieve it?

Intentions are a way for us intuitives and empathic dreamers to get our power back. They last longer, feel better and will have a much more profound impact on the way we create our year, therefore our life.

What do you intend in the new year?

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