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Spring 4-Ward

4-Week Client Acceleration Plan

Flash Sale!!!

You're just starting out.

No following.

No list.

No funnel.

No sales pages and maybe even...

no paying clients.

What if I told you that I got my 1st 2 paying clients with no list and no sales 30 days?

I'm going to teach you the exact process. Step. By. Step.

Why am I doing this?

2 Reasons!

First, spring is in the air (almost) and it's time to ignite. It's time to shake off that stagnant energy of winter and come alive!

Secondly,  I'm turning 40 in March.  With the new season and new decade, this 4 theme came to me as a Divine Download. It's TIME, my loves.


It's time to accelerate in a powerful, yet feminine way. 

You CAN get paying clients in a way that feels good to you.

You can start without having everything (or anything) in place, and that is EXACTLY what we are going to do in

Spring 4-Ward: 4-Week Client Acceleration Plan

4- Group Course/Coaching Calls


4- Accountability/Mastermind Calls


In this Group Coaching Course, you will:

  • Nail your message

  • Decide upon your signature package (no sales pages)

  • Craft an enticing invitation to a Free Breakthrough Session

  • Learn how to conduct a Breakthrough Session that sells (in a heart-felt, non-salesy way!!)

  • Get people on the phone

  • Convert them into paying clients

You will receive:

  • My Nail Your Message Template upon registering to get a kick start

  • Breakthrough Invitation Template

  • Breakthrough Sessions that Convert Template

Here's how it works.

Each Monday in March at 10:00 am MST, we will have a 2-hour group Zoom call.  I will teach course content and then open up the lines for questions and laser coaching.  This allows you to not only make friends, but learn so much from each other!

Each Friday in March, I'll run an 1-hour Accountability/ Mastermind call.  You can discuss your progress and struggles of the week and ask any questions to me or the group!  

That's 8 calls for only $400!!!  Considering my 3-hour 1:1 intensive runs at $497, this is an amazing opportunity!

Once we finish, I'm turning this into a paid course without all the extensive live coaching!  So this is a 1 TIME OFFER!

Begins Monday, March 5

Investment: $400

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