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Solving Situationships

8 weeks to turn around your addictive patterns and attraction to men who refuse to be exclusive, commit and take it to the next level.

Hey there Love,

I know the deep desires you have in your heart are to call in true love. Yet, the struggle is REAL! I get it. I went through this with my now husband of 20 years. 


I've also witnessed and coached hundreds of women in this murky current dating culture where it seems like all men want boyfriend privileges without having the girlfriend troubles. The bad news is, you get what you're available for. The good news is though, you get what you're available for!!! By the end of Solving Situationships, you, your self-worth, self-concept and standards will be raised so much! At the same time your tolerance for the non-committal bullshit will be low, low LOW!

This is your NO-Nonsense, tough love immersion out of unfulfilling love cycles that leave you depleted, and into the high vibration that only attracts your king that will claim you as his forever.  I can't promise he'll come around like mine did, but I can promise you that if you do the work, "situationship" will no longer be part of your vocabulary.

*8 weekly live calls to deepen, expand & transform

*Exercises, guided meditations and feminine practices to soften and elevate

*8 weekly workbook modules to reflect, integrate & heal

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