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Queen Love

12-Month Private VIP Coaching for the Spiritual Woman who Desires to Call In Lasting Soulmate Love by Stepping into Your Empowered, Divine Feminine

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In every woman there is a Queen.

Speak to the Queen and the Queen will answer. -Norwegian Proverb

Are you ready to find your true love? And be loved?

Like a Queen?

Because really, that's all there is to it. It's a decision to become the woman who is loved, cherished and supported for the rest of her life in such a feminine way. Joy. Trust. Pleasure. Truth.

If you're the woman who's had enough of being alone and dating all the wrong guys, and you're ready to find your true soulmate, I'm here to guide you to make that happen. 

The truth is, you're not going to find your soulmate if you're desperate, in fear and you're pushing too hard. That's being in your masculine.

What helped me discover my unconditional love is complete surrender...loving the feminine way.

When it comes to women meeting their soulmates, keeping them and growing together, I'm beyond committed. It is with that love and energy that my husband and I met and can get through anything stronger no matter what life throws our way.

And, I can teach you to do the same.

Whether you're totally alone or in another version of the WRONG relationship,  I have a loving but no BS approach to getting you to call in (and keeping) the love of your life like a true feminine Queen.

There's really nothing as powerful as private coaching.

When you want radical changes in your life, you  need to be radically supported and take radical action steps. I get you massive results, give accountability and personalized loving attention on healing what the Goddess within you craves. 

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That's what

Queen Love


I am truly grateful to have created my dream marriage. 


There is so much I've learned through my journey of several deep yet co-dependent relationships.

It fuels me knowing that I can teach and show you exactly what I've learned so you can also create your dream marriage.

Dare to step into your feminine Queen to discover unconditional love in your life, and dare to take the action to create it. 

Every woman deserves to feel cherished, adored and fully supported, and it is my absolute mission to help you in 6 months of working together to call in your soulmate who will love you unconditionally, no matter what life throws your way.

Queen Love

12-Month VIP Coaching Program

Does your heart long to feel cherished, supported and completely loved by your soulmate?

Mine did. I wanted to find Mr. Right so badly that I naively thought each man who love me was. When I was a little girl, my mom always said, "Lynn, You'll know when you know." I hated that answer.

I was committed meeting my soulmate and building a life where I felt like his Queen. Cherished. Adored. Supported.  

I wanted a man that not only saw my highest potential but also helped me become it. Not a man that worshiped me, held me down, critiqued me or that I had to build up all the time.  A man that had my back. 


I had two long-term very serious relationships. I thought they were both the one until they weren't.  They were beautiful, loving relationships with wonderful men, but they weren't meant for me.  With both of them, I was not the Queen. I was codependent. I broke a heart and then got my heart broken. Five months later, I was empty and I found myself in grave danger. Something shifted at my core. Everything changed. 

Read My Story

I allowed myself to be at rock bottom for a few months, and then unconsciously knew exactly what I had to do. It wasn't a matter of choice. If I was going to call in my soulmate, I had to become the woman who he was calling in too.  It worked, because I attracted and created an unconditional, forever loving relationship with my empowered soulmate. I know from the bottom of my heart that you can create that too, no matter your age or if you've been married twice before.

When you start coaching with me, my compassionate and intuitive questioning will give you incredible perspective and totally open your heart.  I'm honest and genuinely objective. You'll instantly start the process to call in your love, and you'll see how amazing it to feels to be in your soulmate relationship. Those days of feeling lonely and alone are in your past. 

You'll see how great it is to surrender your need to chase your dream man and consciously call him in from your feminine power.


The best part is, as you work to call in your unconditional love, you'll also call in your true self.  

In our private coaching, I'll open you up to a completely different way of attracting a soulmate than you've ever done.  From the very first session, you'll start to see huge shifts and changes in the way you see yourself and approach dating. 


You'll quickly have the clarity on why you have been alone or with the wrong men and I will give you step by step guidance, specific tools and strategies on how to transform it all, starting with yourself.

This work is for women who desire to go deep. I vow to meet you there.

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At the end of the 6 Months,

You Can Expect To:

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Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.55.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.55.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.55.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.55.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.55.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.55.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.55.43 PM.png

Step confidently into your feminine which will turn on your attraction superpowers and bring joy, peace & pleasure into your life.

Meet your soulmate or be filled with unwavering confidence that he is right around the corner.


Have the specific tools to keep your soulmate even after the "honeymoon phase" starts to wear off.

Feel magnetic and empowered in your divine feminine.


Release and transform all the dynamics and patterns that kept you alone or unhappy in the past.

Show up in your relationship as your authentic self. 


Speak your truth. You'll be able to express what's truly on your heart. You'll know how to handle, approach and process difficult conversations with grace.

Understand him. You'll just get him and why he says, thinks and feels what he does.

Know what to say that doesn't drive him away but brings him closer. You'll have the tools and skills to have a mutually respectful conversation, even if it's a hard one to have.

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Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.55.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.55.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.55.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.55.43 PM.png
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Apply for a free discovery call


Before I started working with Lynn, I was floundering. I felt very weighed down by my relationship and lack of connection with my husband.  Lynn has helped me to see my contributions and responsibilities in my marriage, and contributes her own experiences for even greater clarity. Then she facilitates me to determine action steps. I now have clarity on what I have control over. I understand basic dynamics of the male/female needs in relationship, and I know much more about how and why I react to situations with my husband. Most importantly I am learning how to set boundaries for my own self-respect and well-being. On top of all that, Lynn is guiding me through a process of discovering my own femininity and sense of myself individually as a woman.

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Here's How the 

Queen Love

Method Works:

6 Pillars to Feminine Queen Love

Pillar 1

Get Clear On What (and Who) Your Soul Truly Desires

Pillar 2

Trust and Believe Your Soulmate is Near and that You Are Attracting Him

Pillar 3

Transform Codependency and Set Loving Boundaries

Pillar 4

Become Your Most Authentic Person in Relationship Now

Pillar 5

Surrender and Receive your Soulmate

Pillar 6

Keep and Grow With your Soulmate Unconditionally.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 16 1-hour-long weekly calls (Scheduling and committing to our calls will help you to Discover your Unconditional(Valued at $4,000)

  • 5 Small Group calls to build a divine sisterhood and learn from each other. (Valued at $1,000)

  • 16 Personalized Love "Podcasts”—Your recorded sessions. You could listen to others but why not listen to yourself when you already have the answers inside of you?)

  • Personalized weekly action steps and  accountability on our "Action Log" (Anchor in feelings, awarenesses and deep ah-has and mix it with real tangible action. You've got this!)

  • 3-Day Retreat in Honolulu, Hawaii - Summer 2020 (Valued at $3000)

What are my options?

Anchor 1

Pay In Full: 1 Payment of


Payment Plan: 8 Payments of


My Confession: Queen Love will not be a "quick fix" and it doesn't guarantee you'll find your soulmate in 6 months. 

If you're ready, committed and willing to take responsibility, go deep, and be objective, you will lay all the groundwork for calling him in, keeping him and growing with him for life.


Working with Lynn was such an incredibly transformative experience! Even within just our first hour, I came away with a load of INCREDIBLE insights I would have never realized on my own, about what was truly blocking me in my relationship. I hadn't been able to address the real problem but Lynn helped me narrow it down to the truth of what I was really facing within myself and my marriage. Since working with her I've gone on to attract more ideal clients, become clearer on my business vision, and develop greater confidence in who I am and my own unique voice. Not to mention, the dynamic in my marriage is totally shifting! Lynn is incredibly kind and compassionate, and perfectly blends the art of instruction and providing space to allow me to process on my own. I've healed so much thanks to her, and I'm more excited (and confident) than ever to continue on my journey!

Let me ask you something.

If you don't say yes to choosing Queen Love, what's going to change? Do you have the tools to finally attract a different kind of guy? A different kind of relationship? 

Here's what I know.  If you would have known how to call in your soulmate, you would have done it by now. 

Here's to you Connecting to your Queen so you find unconditional love.

PS. My Queen Love 12-Month Program is for big thinking women who are committed to living their dreams abundantly in love, not just work and business.  It is for those who love to go deep and trust diving inward, they'll attract their soulmate. If this is you, let's talk. 

This is why I'm here for you.

2019 On The Summit LLC.  Copyright. All Rights Reserved

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