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Nail your Message

Find your voice and go from

Hobby to Business

4 Private Coaching Calls

+ Unlimited 30-Days of Messaging support

only $997

If nobody knows exactly what you do

and you still ask yourself, "What's my message?"

Or your message is falling on deaf ears and you wonder...

How do I reach my people?

How do I stop saying "I'm a life coach" and hearing

"Oh, that's nice......"

You're not clear.......


My message was vague and confusing for years, and it kept me broke, not serving and definitely not living my purpose.


I couldn't figure out how to put all the different puzzle pieces of ME together into one cohesive message that would sell. 

So, everything I said and wrote was all inspirational fluff...

You know.... Like and scroll... Like and scroll.


I didn't nail my message until I let go of slave-girl, self-sacrifice people-pleaser and truly found me.

The way I do this is,

I get personally into who you are. 

We have to find you to talk to who

you want to talk to.

4 Private Coaching Calls

+ Unlimited 30-Days of Messaging support

only $997

In this Coaching Program, you will:

  • Nail your message

  • Connect with your Ideal Client

  • Get totally aligned, authentic and unapologetic about your message

  • Learn to write and communicate your message clearly

  • Get your Ideal Clients' attention

  • Unleash and transform any resistance blocking you from moving forward

  • Start getting known for your specific niche 

You will receive:

  • 4 customized 1:1 calls with me

  • Unlimited text and voice messaging for 30 days

  • Weekly accountability to get you to your goal

  • Private attention on you, your message and your brand

Sign up by September 30, and  you receive a bonus Energy Clearing

Juli Gauthier

Juli Gauthier is a business and life coach who has incorporated energy healing into her toolbox to create powerful upleveling experiences. Trained by Tony Robbins, attended Harvard for grad school, and lead a life of personal development and entrepreneurial experiences that she brings to her sessions, Juli has a unique blend of resources that help her clients create massive change and breakthroughs in order to create a life they really want.

  We're going to figure out your message so that everybody understands what you do and who you do it for.

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