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& become his Divine Goddess


What my clients are saying:

Hi! I'm Lynn

Transformational Love Coach for Spiritual Women


To every woman out there who doesn’t feel loved.... First of all, I get it. Love happens to be the easiest and fulfilling part of my life now, but it wasn’t always that way.

I messed it up. I didn’t have boundaries. I was codependent. I was too tolerant, too available, too needy, too selfish, too defensive, to insecure, too possessive. I wasn't in truth, and I was in pain.

And...It’s the area I’ve transformed the most. It’s the area that I’ve been the most committed to thriving. It’s the area where I’ve gained so much experience and wisdom, that I’m honored and excited to share all of it with you.

I empathize deeply with how debilitating it is to not feel loved, adored and cherished. I know exactly what it takes to transform all of it and call in your soulmate. I known because I’ve been through it. I did it for myself. This is why it’s my mission to help more women like you transform the toxic dynamics that are keeping them alone or recreating the same kinds of dysfunctional relationships. It’s my mission to be of service to you so you can call in your soulmate, keep him and grow together for life.


Lynn helped me to see my contributions and responsibilities in the dynamics of my marriage, and adds her own experiences for even greater clarity. Then she facilitates me to determine action steps I can take to move me closer to my goals.

I now have clarity on what I have control over. I understand basic dynamics of the male/female needs in relationship and how to foster those. I know much more about how and why I react to situations with my husband, and most importantly I am learning how to set boundaries for my own self-respect and well-being.

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After working with Lynn on calling

in my man, I felt a palpable shift in my energy that made me soften, release resistance and any kind of frustration that I came to her with.


She is skillfully gifted as a love coach. She intuitively knew what questions to ask for me to come to my own awareness around harnessing my feminine energy in order to attract my soulmate.

She is gifted with a warm nurturing energy that is motherly, sweet and wise. I recommend working with her and receiving the gift of nurturing space that she can hold for you. 

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Working with Lynn was such an incredibly transformative experience! I came away with a load of INCREDIBLE insights I would have never realized on my own, about what was truly blocking me in my relationship (and therefore, business). I had been fooling myself about where my blocks were, and so hadn't been able to address the real problem, but Lynn helped me narrow it down to the truth of what I was really facing within myself and my marriage.


Lynn has a stellar combination of on-target intuition, and wealth of knowledge. Working with her has given me the opportunity to face my own fears and limiting beliefs, break through them, and see the seriously true power that I have within myself. 


My inner challenges held me back in a way that truly frustrated me. Lynn was very good at helping me to get to the root of the issue and resolve it. Lynn has a very loving, and calm demeanor and she makes it very easy to expose what needs to be exposed to help you move forward. I am grateful for having been coached by Lynn. 


With Lynn I got a whole new perspective about how relationship things were affecting my business. She held the space for me and lovingly guided me through the emotions I was avoiding and that really needed some attention. If you're a sensitive soul like me, Lynn is probably the best person you could hire as a coach. She gets you. She will guide you with love and compassion, and she will empower you.

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