🔆Be the Light🔆

Global Conscious Teacher's Summit 2020

Are you ready to be a leader & 

Make a Difference In These Difficult Times?

The future of education depends on us being strong.

We as educators are in uncharted territories.

Many teachers are struggling with anxiety, fear, insomnia and panic attacks. There's so much uncertainty.


The truth? Education is never going to be the same.

Be a part of the change.

Humankind is embarking on a mass awakening amidst the crisis, and as teachers we can't keep pretending it it's going to go back to normal.  This means us being spiritually strong in ways we've never had to be.  It means acknowledging the wave of higher consciousness and becoming the light for ourselves, our students and our schools...whatever it looks like.

Each participant will present a live or pre-recorded video of of 10-20 minutes. 

Through coaching and healing sessions for teachers to be the light,


insights and ideas shared about the future of conscious education,

we will empower & inspire those teachers that need guidance & healing through this difficult time.

Let's take that back.

If this calls to you, sign up and let your voice be heard.

Meet Lynn Hudorovich-The Facilitator

Lynn Hudorovich is a teacher of 20 years, certified life coach and has dedicated her life to personal development. She is an author, speaker and guide. She is committed to helping teachers heal within themselves all across the world so they can spread more light onto their young students. Lynn strives to empower teachers to reconnect to their true purpose, which will once again make our students the focus. Most teachers feel that way, but education as we know it makes it difficult for us to lead with love, passion and dedication to shaping lives.

Be the Light for Teachers.

The world needs you right now.

What is this summit about?

In these difficult times, the world needs Conscious Teachers to do 3 things.

1. Connect, come together and build community.

2.  Support each other through uncertain times

3.  Empower each other to make the changes we desire to see.

How will it be structured?

1. You choose whether you'd like to do a live video in the Facebook group, pre-recorded video or an interview with me.

2. You select your time to present on the Calendly page and fill out some general information regarding your presentation.

3. Join the Conscious Teacher's Facebook Group

4. Introduce yourself in the group, what/where you teach and what/when you will present.

5. Invite all your teacher friends to join the group to benefit from the Global Conscious Teacher's Summit!


What Do I Need To Do Next?

Click The Button And Fill Out The Form, Schedule Your Time For Your Session (Between Monday 4/20 - Sunday 4/26), And Answer The Questions Regarding What You Plan To Deliver!

Is this for me?

Any teacher with the intention of supporting, empowering and changing our educational system is welcome to present.

If you have a message, let's HEAR IT!

Please share if you have a great idea or

want to see change.

  • Reform

  • Transformation/doing things differently

  • Mindset

  • Emotional healing

  • Create our new normal

  • Teacher empowerment

  • Increase efficiency

  • Create greater equality

  • Voice what really matters most

We can't go back to the way it was.


Too much has happened. Too much is coming to the light.

Too many teachers are waking up and realizing too many things.

Let's share those things.  Join The movement.  Present your message and spread the word.