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Divine Attraction

Call in Your True Love...
The Feminine Way

“You always have access to the divine feminine.”

Danielle LePorte


  • The Queen is loved, admired and revered.

  • She is the most disowned archetype.

  • We’ve been programmed to deny her, oppress her and believe we aren’t worthy of her.

  • We were taught that ‘good men are hard to find’ and to chase anyone that might meet the standards.

  • Yet, the truth is that the Queen is a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine, and only by embodying her can you call in your divine counterpart.


If you’re here on this page, it means that you are ready. Ready to step into your most empowered, surrendered and adored expression of yourself. You’re ready to attract your King. 


You have been desiring to embody her.




Are you hesitant?


I get it. 


But, what happens when you disown your crown?


You know you’re not allowing your inner Queen to call in love when:


  • You attract unavailable men.

  • You’re desperate to find love.

  • You constantly put in way more effort.

  • When you put yourself out there men back away

  • You fear intimacy.

  • You’re ok with the minimum.

  • You judge everyone you meet

  • You sabotage potential relationships

  • You’d happily take him back and keep defending his actions.

  • You’re holding onto a guy who isn’t ready

  • You obsess over the wrong guys for you

  • You are attracted to red flags

  • You feel used

  • You wonder if it’s ever going to change

Ultimately you desire a deeply connected relationship with your divine masculine counterpart, and you also know the way to call him in is through your Queen consciousness. 


Through your divine feminine. 


On this 10-week journey you will uncover, embrace and radiate your inner Queen.


This program is unlike any other “call in your soulmate” program out there. It’s personal transformation. Yet it’s also where sisterhood joins collectively in this method to learn and UN-learn what it means to attract love as an empowered feminine woman. 


I am your Queen Teacher


On the surface it may seem like I’ve always been a Queen in love, it couldn’t be more false.


I was a normal small town girl with 2 brothers and hard working parents growing up disconnected from my feminine.  I embodied very early on that I was wrong, not smart enough or good enough and too emotional and sensitive.


I grew up hearing “Bless the man that chooses you one day” and “He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into” and “I just can’t….go talk to your mother.”


Yet, my mom drilled into me that one day my prince would come. I sort of believed her, but why?  For flawed me? I had a few non- “popular” friends and my crush tolerated me but would never like me back. No matter how hard I worked to prove my worth, I never felt worthy.


When my twin flame told me, “I’m not in love with you anymore” not only was I broken and empty at my rock bottom, I had no idea how to pick myself back up. 

I spent the next months in a cycle of horrible dating experiences that led me to yet another rock bottom.

I declared that men were gross, and the only way out was to start over.

I didn’t want to chase or be chased. I didn’t want to beg or be begged to. I didn’t even want a prince. What I wanted was my healthy, confident, strong King. 


I immediately turned all that energy inward to rebuild my divine feminine. I didn’t know what to call it at the time. I let it all go and began to radiate self-love AND fierce boundaries.  It was enough to bring my soulmate literally to my doorstep in Mexico City.  We were going to live happily ever after. was not so easy.


I realized that I had only scratched the surface of my femininity. The more I chipped away at my programming to be able to surrender AND stand in my truth, the more I polarized him and attracted him in.


The more I got to know my inner Queen, the more of a King he became.


This is the reason you see happy couples still in love for life.


Our true power in relationship as women comes from owning our inner Queen.


We’ve been taught that to be in relationship, it requires sacrifice, but in fact it’s ONLY when you embrace all of your Divine Feminine truth that you are able to love and be loved unconditionally.


I’ve taken everything that I have learned and put it into this program to give you the keys to your truth, worthiness and your Queendom.


This program is the spiritual woman’s guide to embodying your wholistic divine feminine so you can call in the love of your life.


Love notes from my clients:

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 4.57.44 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 5.01.41 AM.png

What's Included


  • A 2.5-month sacred and profound container to grow, transform and become the greatest expression of your feminine self.

  • 10 in-depth modules to guide you through your healing and learning journey of shadow work, love-consciousness, boundaries and opening.

  • Instructional Queen-in-training videos each week to guide you into your magnetic Queendom.

  • 10 live content / Q&A coaching calls to learn and grow together.  

  • 10 themed guided meditations to support your Queen transformation along the way. The practices combine ancient feminine wisdom with new discoveries on how to grow into your fullest expression.

  • A high vibrational sisterhood to be supported, witnessed and nourished by each other.

  •  An online private community to receive continuous support from me and your sisters.

3 Payments of $370

5 Payments of $222

When you complete this journey of Divine Attraction, you will feel an embodied blend of empowered masculine and feminine within like you’ve never experienced before.


Your inner Queen will be your new normal. This will allow you to be in your power all while leaning back and calling in what you truly desire.


Embodying your Queen is the portal to living a life of true love. You claim your desires, know you’re worthy of receiving them and feel supported and adored. You are able to relax knowing that you’re safe and secure in love. You don’t have to guard or block your heart anymore. He’s not going anywhere. 

The content includes:


  • Gain crystal clarity on your deepest and most authentic desires

  • Understanding the qualities of masculine and feminine energies to gain awareness and be able to navigate towards the most empowered feminine version of yourself.

  • Transform childhood programming and break the painful patterns to step into Queenly partnership.

  • Strengthen your “love consciousness” and create new empowering beliefs about love.

  • Shift into a secure attachment style by releasing jealousy, judgement, neediness and desperation.

  • Dissolve triggers by doing deep shadow work.

  • Awaken to a deep connection to your body, heart and intuition.

  • Align the energies of your inner desires and your “broadcast signal” so what you attract is what you actually want.

  • Set fierce feminine boundaries, both verbally and energetically to allow in ONLY what you desire.

  • Master the art of feminine communication so you can listen with objective presence and speak your truth unapologetically and powerfully.

  • Surrender into the KNOWING that your true conscious love is coming (and coming to stay) with you.

  • Polarize and magnetize him with your light and love.

  • Receive blissfully.

F A Q:

When does the program begin?
We start our first call on Tuesday January 17.  The VIP clients are welcome to sign up for your bonus private calls. 

What if I can't make all of the live Q&A calls?
Each call will be recorded and you will have full access to the recorded content for 6 months.  You can also let me know ahead of time if you can't make it and send me your question. I will answer it on the call for you. 

Is this for single women only?
Every woman counts here. Whether you are in a relationship or not, the same principles apply to "calling him in" to you.  

What if I can't commit to all the time involved?
You can do the program as it fits you best. All of the exercises and practices are designed to fit into your life easily. This program is meant to support you in your transformation and your growth.  

Why is it so affordable? 
This group program brings together the work I've been doing for clients for the last 6 years, as well as my lifetime of experience and learning.  Private coaching with me is $3,000 for 3 months. When we learn and transform in an intimate community, the coaching is financially
accessible to more people. 

Divine Attraction
Begins January 17

Week 1: Get Clear on Your Love Desires

Know what you want and claim it.

Week 2: Enhance your Love Consciousness

Bring Awareness to what's really running the show.

Week 3: Transform Codependency

Free yourself from unconscious & destructive relationship patterns.

Week 4: Integrate the Love Shadow

Bring all hidden and disowned aspects of yourself & love story to the light.

Week 5: Release What No Longer Serves

Release fears, beliefs, energies, patterns, behaviors, habits and relationships.

Week 6: Raise Your Self-Worth

Feel whole within yourself as you are with deep love and own your value.

Week 7: Set Clear & Loving Boundaries

Only treat yourself and allow others to treat you in your highest good.

Week 8: Foster Healthy Communication

Express yourself in a way that you both feel seen, heard & understood

Week 9: Surrender Into Your Knowing

Allow yourself to soften to the bliss of feminine surrender

Week 10: Divinely Receive

Become a divine receptacle to miracles to flow into your life.

3 Payments of $370

5 Payments of $222

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