Divine Attraction

6-week group coaching for spiritual women

"I'm SO ready for my soulmate"

"I'm over the dating scene and ready to try something new."

The more spiritual women heal and evolve, the harder it feels to attract the right man.  Does this feel familiar? Well sister, you're in the right place. 


This is a SMALL and INTIMATE group of 10 spiritual women, all committed to their healing and looking for love. You'll feel the safe vortex of transformation and make great friends. We'll have 2-hour live Zoom calls each Saturday starting June 5. 

In this group coaching, you'll:

  • get clear on authentic desires without guilt, fear or shame

  • become fluent in the language of masculine/feminine energies and transform the energy you're broadcasting to the world

  • Change the limiting belief systems you hold around love

  • Learn to set healthy and loving boundaries (both verbal and energetic)

  • Surrender into your divine feminine and receive the love (and life) you are dreaming of

Here's a breakdown of the weekly themes:

Week 1:  Deep desires

Week 2:  Masculine/feminine energies,  broadcast signal & the masculine perspective

Week 3: Shadow work & raising self worth

Week 4:  Cultivating an empowered knowing

Week 5:  Setting energetic & verbal boundaries

Week 6:  Divine receiving

Starts June 5
Each Saturday for 6-weeks