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Goddess Love Method:

Attract Your Conscious Masculine Man From Your Divine Feminine & Be adored For Life

If you're anything like me, being ADORED is a priority. Being the QUEEN that's with an emotionally available, consistent, loving, purpose driven, confident, protective, intelligent, funny man that adores YOU is the vision.

And it's exhausting! If you have one more dating disaster where you're left disappointed, depleted and hurt, you may just throw in the towel and live in a hole the rest of your life.  SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE, before you get to that point.

Girl, I get it.

Right before I met my soulmate, I was done with dating...contemplating giving up my desire for love, swearing to live a single life and preparing for a life on my own, even though it's not what I wanted. SOUND FAMILIAR?

I felt stuck. Like no matter how many dates I went on nobody would replace my ex and I'd never be loved the way my inner child dreamed.

UNTIL... I got the GODDESS LOVE download from God himself, and everything (including my mindset, my body, my energy and attraction factor) changed.

When I first woke up to my divine femininity and how I could ATTRACT my confident, conscious man, I still thought I had be and do more. It turns out, everything is within you to energetically MANIFEST your dream man. When I learned this, from a place of empowerment and love, 

I let it all go. 

I immediately FOLLOWED ALL GUIDANCE and shifted my energy. I focused on my divine feminine and my brilliant shine. All unwanted energy from the wrong men ceased. The more I poured into myself and my deep surrender, the less attention I got now husband of 20 years showed up at my doorstep moving furniture into the apartment next door. 
Imagine what the Goddess Love Method could
bring to your life??
Imagine WHO it could bring to you?

Since then...

I've been happily married for 20 years.
Learned to polarize him and draw him consistently through time.
Transformed my sensuality & sexuality
Helped many clients attract their conscious, masculine soulmate.
Helped clients heal from devastating breakups, only to call in better love.
Helped clients own their worth, transform trauma & limiting beliefs, set boundaries & communicate their desires like a Queen.

I'm living proof that you can go from the DREAM of being chosen & adored by a conscious man someday to LIVING that dream MUCH sooner than you thought possible. 
I'm giving you the WHOLE detailed play book in my Goddess Love Method

Here's how you're going to call him in...

First up, I'm going to assess your "Point A" and the best path for you to take to your feminine life of love. Living from your divine feminine is your unique journey,

Next, it's about you getting back into your power. Claiming your worth, strength and value in this world. From this place all opens up for you.

We then integrate the shadows and release the old, stuck energies that have held you back your whole life.. Unlearn. Heal. Forgive. Release, making yourself lighter and making yourself whole.

Then, we reconcile with men and the masculine, making amends and finding the divinity in it. You can't attract what you subconsciously dislike, fear and resent.

We give ourselves permission to play with our inner DARK feminine. The edgy, sexy, dirty, fierce, wild and free within, and we give her a voice.

Finally, we learn, practice and embody profound feminine energies such as surrender, receiving, knowing, spaciousness, compassion and unconditional love.

All throughout, we integrate all this unlearning and learning and apply it in daily life to enhance your magnetism and attraction factor. 

Trust me. I know all you need to do to release, heal, transform and then embody to call in your love from your most divine feminine space. 
I didn't have a mentor when I called him in or wanted to keep him, so I made all the mistakes. I resisted surrender, held onto control and my masculine energy, nearly pushing him away for too many years. The good news is, you don't have to do that.  You can collapse my 2 decades into 2 months. 

Here are some results from my clients...

First, we're going to...
Next, ...

All of these results halting the endless struggle and dispair about finding love. 
(which is ultimatly what's holding you back anyway, right?)

Do you see why you need this method 


If anyone understands feeling stuck, defeated, abandoned, confused and unable to heal my heart, (Connection -Date- Disappointment -Repeat) it's me.  I was you, and here I am with a thriving marriage of 20 years, embodied goddess nature, healed past, supportive (and confident) masculine partner who adores me but does NOT worship me, that allows (and pushes) me to continue expanding into my feminine ever deeper.

Now I have

High self-love & self worth
Solid boundaries

Accountability to be my best
Safety in being myself
A loving container to express emotions

A man who adores, charishes & loves me

I haven't seen this content with any other coach because most of them:

A) Know how to attract but not KEEP a masculine man
B) Don't know the balance & importance of your inner MASCULINE in enhancing your feminine
C) Aren't trauma informed and/or haven't done t
he deep work on themselves.



Lynn's method walked me through my healing. I had very low self-worth or understanding of who I was outside of co-dependency. Very quickly, I found my feet with her help. I started feeling stronger in myself, I healed parts of me that were causing my dependency and started rejuvenating my divine feminine. I have now attracted a conscious, emotionally intelligent relationship and I feel so settled in myself independently and as a partnership now. I cannot express how powerful my time with Lynn was. I will be forever grateful.

Here's what the Goddess Love Method Includes..

  • 12 reflective modules PACKED full of transformational guidance and questions to lead you through healing, embracing, activating and embodying your deep feminine. - cutting through the wishy-washy surface level help.  Here, we go deep.

  • 12 live Q&A coaching calls with feminine practices and laser coaching to learn and grow together. The feminine practices combine ancient feminine wisdom with new discoveries on how to grow into your fullest expression. Plus, get your questions answered each week.

  • 12 Guided meditations to go along with each themed week, to support you through the feminine healing  & embodying process.

  • Recorded Feminine Energy trainings each week to integrate, embody the Goddess Nature that you've been cut off from up until now.

  • My personal Goddess Love transformational book list.

  • 12 pre-recorded live group calls to learn from other women who've been on the path before you.

  •  An online private community to receive continuous support from me and your sisters.

PLUS BONUS 1:1 Call (Valued at $550)

Get your personalized breakthrough with this customized deep dive, so you can catapult your feminine healing process and manifest the man your soul deeply desires.

You only desire ONE man. Your shift in energy can (and will) manifest the right one for you.
Think, ADORED! 


Can you imagine?

  • Attracting your soulmate to you (not chasing(

  • Being healed from your traumas, stories, shadows and beliefs

  • Having solid boundaries 

  • Only having healthy relationships that nourish you

  • Being completely adored & supported

  • Living in your truest divine feminine

  • Experiencing pleasure unapologetically throughout your life.

The Investment

Option 1

One Time Installment

Biggest Savings


Option 2

Payment Plan

(3 Monthly Installments)


Option 3

Extended Payment Plan

(5 Monthly Installments)





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If you've gotten this far...

I must share one last thing. Right before I met my conscious soulmate of a man, I was tired, defeated and stuck. I didn't know HOW I'd transform my patterns to truly be loved the way I deeply desired, and I was done trying to convince and chase. 

When I got that divine download telling me to stop and fall in love with myself the feminine way, I didn't trust. How was I going to meet my soulmate by not looking for it? By letting go!?!?!?


Right then, I had a choice.

Not listen to my guidance, keep pushing, chasing and quantum dating, exaggerating in my flirtation trying to get the attention of non soulmate worthy guys... or TRUST in my divine guidance that smacked me over the head, stop and go within.

I did it. I stopped. I embodied my inner goddess. Within several months, my life transformed and my dream man came to me. 


If you're reading this, I know you want to do something different. You want more for your love life and for your life as a whole. And...I'm giving you the answer.  The Goddess Love Method is a step by step process of guidance and transformation. You don't have to be young, skinny, a super model, perfectly healed or "special" in any way for this to work for you. WHY? It's all ENERGY!

You simply show up, dig deep, follow the steps and TRUST THE PROCESS!
Within weeks or months, your life (and love life) will be on top of the world.

Copyright 2023- Love The Feminine Way

So now, it's your turn, love.


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