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Fall back into Love


5-Hour Intensive for only $250

Transform your marriage so you can be successful in business and happy in life.

FLASH SALE Ends October 8!

You love him and you don't want to leave, but... 



You're relationship troubles are affecting your business. In reality, they're taking over your life! 

In your Fall Back into Love 5-hour Intensive, you'll walk away with:

*A strong awareness of what led to the disconnection in your marriage

*Understanding him on a much deeper level

*The clear decision you'll make based on what you REALLY desire

*Specific tools on how to talk to him about things you've been avoiding

*Confidence, boundaries and a renewed sense of self

I know what it's like to feel frustrated, lost, resentful and disempowered in my relationship.  Like the love is gone and the agony affects every other part of my life. 

I've been there. How can you focus on your business, abundance, growth and expansion when you feel small and low-vibe when you're with your man?


I became unavailable for anything less than being treated as the Queen that I am, and that's the marriage I created with my amazing King of a husband.

I know you desire to be adored. You long to be as powerful and Queenly in your marriage as you are in your business.

You know that you will FLY once you just deal with this one agonizing area of your life.

Your marriage. 


I can help you.   

Together we will begin to transform your love story.

You'll get 5-hours of undivided attention from me through mentoring, education and support.

You can choose 5 weekly sessions or one 5-hour intensive.

You have 5-weeks of email support to navigate any in-the-moment conflict resolution.

Only $250


Now through October 8

The season of harvest is the time to take your marriage back into your own hands. 


You have the power to be the catalyst for change.



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5-Hour Fall Back Into Love Package

for only $250!

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