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Entrepreneurs Summit

How to own your intuitive radiance to create the freedom based business you know you're meant for.

In this Summit you'll learn:

  • Intuitive experts share their top secrets to owning your radiance 

  • Why intuitive entrepreneurs struggle so much with shining

  • How they went from being in the shadow to having $10K months by owning their brilliance 

  • The importance of overcoming your blocks to create the freedom based business you know you're meant for!

Dr. Elena Agrizzi is a coach, a mentor, a speaker and a visionary. She is Italian, born and raised in Venice Italy. She helps women entrepreneur get out of overwhelm and struggle to start thinking big and claim the life of Magic they so much deserve and want. Elena guides you into a world of infinite possibilities. By stepping into your own personal power, intuition, creativity and passion you will be able to create from within. You will learn to truly be, vibrate, attract and make “everything possible” shifting from managing your Life and Business by external influences, to completely mastering it in all your potential.

Hanna Fitz is on a mission to help you build a world class brand around your expertise to become more visible and amplify your purpose driven skills and message, so that you can impact the world. Her movement is all about helping women live “The Cultured Life”, owning your personal power to transform your unique powerful personal story and vast knowledge into a brand and life that you love.

Life Coach Kelly Grignon

I help busy mom business owners get out of the struggle & crazy-supermom-mode so that they can start living their FULL LIFE by giving them clarity, teaching them how to tap into their own intuition & customizing the action plan to be exactly what they need to quantum leap forward.  

Clarity ~ Intuition ~ Action

Nikki Nash is a success coach, speaker, philanthropist, and founder of the Badass Coaches Club. After ten years in marketing for Fortune 500 companies and startups, she founded The Badass Coaches Club to support women in building a profitable business they're MADLY in love with. Her superpowers include content marketing, business strategy, and branding. When she isn't creating content, coaching, or spending time with loved ones, she spends her time traveling the globe and reading. 

In her business coaching, Yael teaches female entrepreneurs how to grow their profitability the ‘smart way’. Yael lovingly shows her clients how to value themselves and charge what they’re really worth, as well as how to work more efficiently, and have more clarity and focus. The result is that her clients work less hours, make more money and spend more time living. (ie quality time with their loved ones, focusing on self-care, travelling and all the other things that bring them joy).  

Elizabeth de Moraes is an internationally certified Success Coach, who guides you, the entrepreneur, or corporate executive, in elevating your business profile in your industry through Personal Branding and Social Media Video. Elizabeth enables you to embody your luxury brand and empowers you to expand your influence, impact and income through a well thought-out personal brand and social media video.

Desiree is an international personal branding certified coach, visibility strategist and speaker for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. She helps women create stunning, high-value personal brands online  so that they can bust their visibility fears, stand out as the premium expert in their field, and create a full time income and more even as a new coach or consultant!

Cara is a Success Coach for early stage (& evolving!) coaches who desire a thriving business in their zone of genius. Her clients are nutritionists, health coaches, life coaches and healers (as well as a few branding and business coaches) from across the globe. Her specialty is in helping her clients find their authentic voice and create a high-end signature coaching program that will connect with and support their ideal clients so they can finally help the people they're meant to, while charging their worth.

Tamra Fleming was born a transformation catalyst. She has over 18 years of coaching experience—helping individuals, couples, and businesses get clear on their purpose, vision, and roadmap to realize their goals and dreams. Tamra is the author of, upSwing : 80 Mindful Practices to Shift Your Life from Blues to Bliss, and the founder of, upSwingU, an up and coming online university for consciousness, creativity and collaboration. 

The world is calling for more women to reclaim their power and align themselves to what they truly desire as when this occurs, life becomes so much more exciting. A Certified transformational & Confidence coach, Pole Dance Instructor, Theta Healing DNA Practitioner and mum of 1, Nofisa helps high achieving women create a deeper, more loving relationship with themselves and let go of what no longer serves them, empowering these women to effortlessly magnetise high quality men and prepare for 'The One'.

Christin Biergans is a holistic Business, Life and Success Coach who is dedicated to empower multi-passionate women all over the world to create wildly successful businesses based on their gifts and talents. She helps her clients to find their very own Zone of Genius to live the life they are meant for, create the success they deserve and charge what they are worth.

Monique is a fun loving passionate coach that loves business. Having started her first business at 16 she is a serial entrepreneur and has over 20 years of business growth and marketing experience.

Monique has a Bachelor Science in Mechanical Engineering, is also a trained life coach, has studied under the teachings of Joel Osteen where she learned to facilitate addictive behavior recovery and also blended family healing.

She also  holds a Business Finance certification from the prestigious Thunderbird school of International Business As well as certifications in Digital Marketing With an emphasis on lead generation, funnel optimization and facebook ads.

Monique helps her clients attract to Quality leads and to automate their business through online marketing.



Entrepreneurs Summit

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