5-Day Challenge  March 7-11

Divine Love Attraction 

Empower your Divine Feminine & Attract the Love of Your Life.

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In this 5-Day Challenge, expect to learn, integrate and experience...

  • The exact attraction blueprint I used to call in my soulmate.

  • Get clear on your vision and desires and feel them deeply in your body.

  • Identify blocks, limiting beliefs and sabotaging love patterns

  • Practices to empower and strengthen your inner feminine energies

  • How to value and fall in love with yourself fully

  • Energetically call in conscious masculine love

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Hi Beautiful, 

I'm Lynn! 

I'm an intuitive love coach for empathic spiritual women & the creator of the Divine Attraction Method.

Before I met my soulmate, I was a codependent, anxiously attached, insecure woman. I was afraid of not being wanted. I was sure that as long as I tried harder for men to see my value and to like me, they would.  It was after a horrible heartache that I was guided to heal that which kept away the right man. 

After months of implementing the Divine Attraction Method created by my own trial and error that my now husband literally showed up on my doorstep in Mexico City.  Since then, I've continued to develop these same strategies to grow closer and in love more every year....and it's been 20 years now!

It is my belief that every feminine woman desiring a King conscious man is capable of manifesting that in her life. Together, experiencing the love we all long for, we uplift the world in empowered divine femininity.  

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Divine Love Attraction
5-Day Challenge

Empower your Divine Feminine & Attract the Love of Your Life.