Become his Divine Goddess

Step into your fullest radiance to attract your soulmate and be adored for life.

Do you desire spiritual, conscious love?

I strongly believe that every woman is a divine expression of love...  A Goddess capable of deep love from a conscious, spiritually evolved man.  It doesn't matter if you're stuck in a dead-end relationship that is slowly sucking away your radiance, going through a devastating breakup, or single with a history of nothing but heartache and broken relationships without a clue how to turn it all around.  Let me assure you now. 


Everything is transformable.  Every woman has it within her to manifest and create a love that feels blissful to her.  I've seen it in myself and in all my clients.   As an intuitive, I channel wisdom and combine it with my lifetime of relationship and love lessons, including my 18 year deeply connected marriage, and I hold nothing back.   If you desire to give and receive love the FEMININE way...the Goddess way,

you're in the right place, Sister.  

Divine Love Advice...

Meet my clients

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Lynn helped me to see my contributions and responsibilities in the dynamics of my marriage, and adds her own experiences for even greater clarity. Then she facilitates me to determine action steps I can take to move me closer to my goals.

I now have clarity on what I have control over. I understand basic dynamics of the male/female needs in relationship and how to foster those. I know much more about how and why I react to situations with my husband, and most importantly I am learning how to set boundaries for my own self-respect and well-being.


When I met Lynn, I had recently been through an incredibly painful breakup. I was feeling lost, hopeless and confused. I had very low self-worth or understanding of who I was outside of co-dependency. Very quickly, I found my feet with her help. I started feeling stronger in myself, I healed parts of me that were causing my dependency and started rejuvenating my divine feminine. I have now attracted a conscious, emotionally intelligent relationship and I feel so settled in myself independently and as a partnership now. I cannot express how powerful my time with Lynn was. I will be forever grateful.

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After working with Lynn on calling

in my man, I felt a palpable shift in my energy that made me soften, release resistance and any kind of frustration that I came to her with.


She is skillfully gifted as a love coach. She intuitively knew what questions to ask for me to come to my own awareness around harnessing my feminine energy in order to attract my soulmate.

She is gifted with a warm nurturing energy that is motherly, sweet and wise. I recommend working with her and receiving the gift of nurturing space that she can hold for you. 


Lynn has a stellar combination of on-target intuition, and wealth of knowledge. Working with her has given me the opportunity to face my own fears and limiting beliefs, break through them, and see the seriously true power that I have within myself.